AKVATERA LT, UAB is growing!

AKVATERA LT, UAB is growing!

We are glad to announce that the new factory for pet treats of AKVATERA LT, UAB was opened and our new products will be available shortly!


The new factory will produce innovative treats for pets, but it is important to highlight that these treats are not only treats. They are innovative because of their functionality – they are not only delicious, but also aid in nurturing the pets’ health by strengthening their immune system and ensuring their well-being.


Furthermore, these treats are healthy, natural and produced with top of the line ingredients.


The treats, which are made in the new factory, will be an innovation in the world of pet treats.


The team of AKVATERA LT, UAB can not wait to offer our new high quality production to our clients.


Look out for the new treats coming out soon.