Dry cat food “Nature‘s Protection Lifestyle Grain Free Salmon With Krill Sterilised Adult Cat” produced in factory AKVATERA LT, UAB won “Lithuanian product of the year” award

Dry cat food “Nature‘s Protection Lifestyle Grain Free Salmon With Krill Sterilised Adult Cat” produced in factory AKVATERA LT, UAB won “Lithuanian product of the year” award

On Thursday, in the annual “Lithuanian Product of the Year” competition organized by the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists, a gold medal was awarded to the specialized pet food factory AKVATERA LT, UAB managed by the confederation KIKA GROUP, UAB. The award was given to the company for super premium dry food for sterilised adult cats, “Nature’s Protection Lifestyle Grain Free Salmon With Krill Sterilized Adult Cat”, which contains super-food ingredients, a high content of animal protein and is enriched with a unique ingredient – krill.


„This is a new line product that has already established itself in both Lithuanian and foreign markets. This product contains krill, which acts as the most effective natural and 2.5 times better absorbed source of Omega-3. Krill provides the pet with natural choline, which together with Omega-3 is important for the pet’s heart, skin, joints and immune system“, – says Tauras Plungė, a shareholder of KIKA GROUP, UAB.


The Lithuanian product, appreciated for its quality, is distinguished by the fact that it uses only 100 percent sustainable krill, which is extracted in the Antarctic Ocean area, where production is strictly controlled. Krill is extracted and immediately processed on ships, thus ensuring its highest quality.


During the 24 years of the competition, AKVATERA LT, UAB factory has won 8 silver and 8 gold medals, which were awarded to its products.


For the past couple of years, gold medals have been awarded to “Nature’s Protection” brand highest quality feed. In 2018, “Nature’s Protection Superior Care White Cat” dry food for white-coated cats was awarded a gold medal, and in 2019, the gold medal was given to “Nature’s Protection Superior Care White Dogs Grain Free Salmon” for white-coated dogs.


The factory, which started operating in 2004, is one of the leading dry pet food factories in Northern Europe, and supplies its product range with original and customer brands to retail chains not only in Lithuania, but also abroad. AKVATERA LT, UAB also exports its products to more than 50 countries worldwide, it is gaining great popularity in the Asian region, especially in Japan, Korea and Malaysia. These countries have been representing pet food brands created by AKVATERA LT, UAB factory in Lithuania for more than five years.


“The Lithuanian Product of the Year competition”, which has become a tradition, aims to emphasize the competitiveness of high quality Lithuanian products, present and establish the country’s industrial products, goods and services to local or international buyers, encouraging the choice of high quality Lithuanian products, thus developing Lithuanian business development. In order to be evaluated, each product registered in the tender must meet at least 15 general criteria, supplemented by specific evaluation criteria for the different types of goods.


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