Top-class Pet Food Factory


AKVATERA LT, UAB is a modern factory specializing in pet food manufacturing. It has been successfully operating since 2004. The factory uses one of the leading-edge equipment in Northern Europe. The most advanced technology, consultations provided by experienced pet food professionals from Europe and supplies of best quality raw materials capacitate the factory to devise recipes of top quality products and manufacture them for the optimum price. AKVATERA LT, UAB manufactures dry extruded dog and cat food, rodent and bird feed, i.e. goodies that meet present-day requirements for feeding pets.



AKVATERA LT, UAB supplies a wide range of products bearing private labels and brands of clients for the major supermarket chains in Lithuania, pet trade retailers. The company exports its production to Sweden, Poland, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Spain, Greece, Latvia, Estonia, Denmark, the Netherlands, Iran, Cyprus, Romania, Bulgaria, Malta, Hungary, Slovakia, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Israel, South Korea, Turkey, and the Ukraine.