The Lithuanian Exporter of the Year award presented by the Lithuanian Confederation of the Industrialists has been granted to KIKA GROUP, UAB,
In 2016, the AKVATERA LT UAB factory developed a dog and cat food line called Ardour. In 2017, the Ardour Mini Junior
For pet owners and industry professionals alike, it stands to reason that small dogs would prefer smaller- sized kibbles and large breeds
We buy Grain: triticale, barley, maize.   Legume cultures: peas.   Also granulated wheat bran and granular sugar beet pulp.     Suggestions are welcome: By phone: + 37069996653 Email:    
Limited liability company AKVATERA LT, UAB is implementing the project „Using the Energy Generated in a Solar Power Plant in Manufacture.”   Limited liability
The success of AKVATERA LT, UAB at the international exhibition INTERZOO'18   In May, AKVATERA LT, UAB, a producer of top class animal feed,
Brand high quality pet food for dogs and cats ARATON has announced the introduction of a renewed pet food line to the
Lithuanian manufacturers attracted the attention of visitors at the international exhibition.   This year, the “INTERZOO 2016” pet exhibition that took place in Nuremberg,
At the final event of Gazelė 2015 project in the beginning of 2016 in held in the capital city AKVATERA LT, UAB