At the final event of Gazelė 2015 project in the beginning of 2016 in held in the capital city AKVATERA LT, UAB was recognised as some of the most successful and fastest growing companies in Lithuania.


The Gazelė project by Verslo žinios magazine is successfully organised for more than a decade. It is intended for small and medium-sized businesses and is aimed at providing information and knowledge to small businesses, and drawing public attention to new market leaders, bringing together the companies with much potential, and encouraging the exchange of effective action.


The main project criteria for selecting nominees include the company’s profitability in the last four years, the transparency and openness of the company and payment of all statutory taxes. The jury also considers whether the average salaries paid by the company are no less in comparison with other companies in the same region engaged in similar business.


AKVATERA LT, UAB is a modern, special pet feed producer successfully operating since 2004. The factory has some of the most modern equipment in Eastern Europe. AKVATERA LT, UAB provides a wide range of products with original customer brands to the major Lithuanian trade networks, pet shops, and exports it to Sweden, Poland, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Spain, Greece, Latvia, Estonia, Denmark, Holland, Iran, Cyprus, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Israel, South Korea, Turkey, and Ukraine.


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