The success of AKVATERA LT, UAB at the international exhibition INTERZOO’18


In May, AKVATERA LT, UAB, a producer of top class animal feed, released a new pet feed – HiQ. Unrivalled around the world, which was first introduced to the animal market participants from different countries at Interzoo ‘18, the world’s leading trade fair for pet supplies held in Germany. According to the manufacturers, the development of this feed involved innovative technologies, while its composition includes nanoparticles, which have not been previously used on the pet feed market. It took two years for the AKVATERA LT, UAB food technologists to refine this feed.


The improving economic conditions and growing personal income lead to an increasing number of people with pets, and automatically to an increased demand for feed. According to the data of the Agricultural Information and Rural Business Centre, in the first two months of 2018, dog feed production increased by 22.89 tons, as compared to the same period in 2017. However, the largest part of the animal feed is exported.


All the animal products marked with HiQ brand have been developed according to an innovative formula and enriched with the nanosize components – a complex of natural minerals and active ingredients refined to very small particles, and pure coconut oil, which ensure a diversified nutrition of pets and proper functioning of their systems. Moreover, part of the HiQ feed types are adapted for animals with corn and wheat intolerance and gluten allergy. The newest pet feed is now available in the specialised KIKA pet supply stores.


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