Complete pet food for kittens with chicken

Balanced proteins, fat and carbo-hydrates, vitamins and minerals. Ingredients carefully formulated to meet all the nutritional need of a young animal.

Good Palatability & Digestibility

Balanced and appropriately selected high quality nutritious substances ensure palatability and digestibility.


Optimal amount of natural antioxidants and vitamin E favourably affect the immune system, maintain the immunity of pets to diseases.


maize, chicken meal, triticale, wheat bran, poultry fat, maize gluten, hydrolyzed liver, meat meal, sugar beet pulp.



Nutritional additives: vitamin A (retinol E672) – 20 000 IU, vitamin D₃ (cholecalciferol E671) – 2 000 IU, vitamin E (α-tocopherol 3a700) – 480 mg, vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride 3a831) – 4 mg, biotin (3a880)  – 0,15 mg, iron (E1) – 50 mg, iodine (E2) – 1,5 mg, copper (E4) – 5 mg, manganese (E5) – 20 mg, zinc (E6) – 90 mg, selenium (E8) – 0,1 mg, taurine – 1 000 mg.
Technological additives: antioxidants, preservatives.


Analytical constituents:

crude protein – 30%, crude oils and fats – 11%, crude ash – 7%, crude fibres – 3%, calcium – 1,25%, phosphorus – 1%.

Feeding instructions:

serve the food dry. Clean, fresh water should be available at all times.

Feeding guide:

see table. The amount presented in table are guidelines only and should be adapted according to individual dog needs.