Brand high quality pet food for dogs and cats ARATON has announced the introduction of a renewed pet food line to the market. To enable pet food consumers to easily select the food suitable to the individual requirements of their pets, pet food packaging design of ARATON has been renewed presenting clearer display of pet food composition and its properties.
The information on the renewed packaging of food for cats and dogs ARATON is displayed in such a way as to easily come up with the choice taking into account the needs of every individual pet: age, size and life style.


For renewed pet food production only high-quality raw material is used. Visual display of pet food composition ensures the quality guaranteed by the manufacturer.
The improved pet food formulas are distinguished by the enlarged protein and vitamins content.  Meat by-products do not enter into the composition of the food, and protein is contained in poultry meal – meat of higher quality. More than that, raw material of higher quality ensures better pet food ingestion.


The new pet food formulas of ARATON are developed taking into consideration individual needs of a pet – not only the pet’s age, size, activity, but also weight. Carefully balanced pet food can help maintain good health of the pet, keep the pet’s ideal weight and avoid food allergies.


The new pet food formulas, viewpoint of pet food nutrition – all this is covered by a new nutrition program, which is distinguished by a motto: “New tradition is good nutrition”.


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